December 21, 2016, 5:42 am
Filed under: Family Life

I kindof always hesitate to post things like this, mainly because I would never never ever want a mom to fall into the yucky trap of comparison. If you hear yourself saying “wow, I suck because I couldn’t even find our advent wreath this year and LOOK at what that GREAT mom did.” Please just hush up! There are many years that we did nothing. Even this year we have done an advent devotion about 1/3 of the time. I’m posting because I have an awesome tip! If your house is like mine, getting the kids to pay attention is a teeny tiny struggle…. anyhow I have solved it! They have to listen to the devotion, color their ornament, hang it on the Jesse tree and then and only then do they get a piece of candy. It’s a very small piece, like a Hershey kiss. I keep the candy in the labeled paper lunch bag so that when I dump the bag it has the envelope with the paper ornaments AND the candy so they know it’s there waiting for them! Compliance through bribery, yes sireee bob. Oh and Aaron doesn’t really eat, but he loves the shiny wrappers. Win-win. If you don’t want to use candy ( I used to be like that until kid #5), maybe a little simple toy. And for Sollie, who can’t color on his own, we get a stamp pad and put his finger print on his ornament. Malachi is usually asleep so we do not bug him. Huh-uh. I don’t bother sleeping children under any circumstances.


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